First Quality Ecologic Oranges and Tangerines

The balance of life is in the simplest things. A healthy diet makes us feel comfortable and see the world from an optimistic and happy outlook.

In Vivavida Gourmet we are sure that there is nothing as a good breakfast completed with his juice of orange newly squeezed, a juicy orange of dessert in the food or a few aromatic and sweet mandarins for the snack of the children.

During generations, we have dedicated our life to the production of oranges and mandarins; for this reason, we want that you enjoy the best quality, without chemists or post-harvests treatments ,as us the Nature offers it.

Directly from the Tree to your Table

We have learned new techniques and adapted our company to the new times to offer you a unique product line in its kind; Our oranges for the Gourmet channel go directly from our trees to the table of our clients and distributors.

Vivavida Gourmet is ideal for small distributors gourmet international, restaurants, colleges and directly for the final consumer, who will be capable of enjoying the best oranges and mandarins in his house directly gathered the tree.

In the moment that we receive his order, we go out to the field to gather directly of the tree the Oranges and Mandarins that they find in its ideal degree of maturity (acidity and sweetness), them choosing one for one to make him to come the best fruit and the freshest. Later simply the oranges go through a brush horse hair dry to extract his own natural sheen, and place in the box that you receive in his house.

Once collected, we call the courier company to collect the order and take it to your place. No fridge, no chemical treatments: all natural and organic to enjoy the authentic flavour.

 In 24H, if you are in Spain, and 4/5 working days if in Europe. For distributors, hotels and restaurants, depending on the volume a program will be agreed.