For VIVAVIDA the quality is to overcome the expectations of our clients. For us the quality is that you eat up one of our oranges or mandarins and feels that you itself are taking her of the tree. That you could smell the field, the bark´s citric smell, the authentic and natural sweetness, the perfect acidity on having had gathered the orange in the just moment.

For some operators on the market of the citrus fruits, the quality is to maximize the production, to achieve that the product lasts more time in the best possible conditions, to speculate on the price, …

The quality VIVAVIDA is the quality to which you aspire, but the market does not give you; the quality VIVAVIDA brings you over to our field in Casinos (Valencia), as if every day you could take an orange of our trees and enjoy it in its fullness, without chemical treatments and in its just point of mature.

On the other hand and following the marketing standards for the citrus fruits published in the DOUE (DOL 157, 15/06/2011), our oranges and mandarins will be understood always inside the CATEGORY I; and as for the calibrated one we differentiate them in “PREMIUM” or “NATURE”.

That is to say, the quality “Premium” refers to fruits of major calibers (63mm-74mm of diameter for the mandarin and 84mm-100mm for the orange), that are destined for a consumption commonly called ” table “. The quality “Nature” differs only in the size of the pieces (54mm-64mm for the mandarin and 73mm-84mm for the orange); they are minors’ fruits calibers that are being used for juice.