New Products

Our desires of announcing and trying the typical, handcrafted and natural products (no additives or preservatives) of our people, we want to introduce Orange Blossom Honey from flowers of our fields in Serveret (Casinos), our agricultural cooperative Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Casinos and the Alto Palancia´s Oil Cooperative Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Altura, and the famous Handmade Nougat and Sugared Almonds of the master turronero Pascual Navarro.

Peladillas y Turrones Artesanos

They are the most typical and renowned of our people (Casinos) in which we celebrate the “Fair of Artisan Candy, Sugared Almonds and Nougat of Casinos” the last weekend of November each year.

It marketed products typical of the population, made by master craftsmen such as rolls of anise, bread of San Blas, cocoa biscuits , oil and salt cakes biscuits, and of course the sugared almonds and the famous nougat craftsmen produced the old way, using completely Mediterranean, natural and top quality ingredients such as almonds of the autochthonous variety “Marcona”, sugar and honey.

In this case we want to offer you the products of the nougat´s master Pascual Navarro, this being the third generation following in the family tradition of present us with real sweet jewels.

Orange Blossom Honey

We can say that it is honey produced in our fields, since hives are located at our plantations of oranges and tangerines in the area of Serveret in Casinos and is made of traditional and natural way

Honey hand slips past into separate vases to be able to identify it for color and flavor, which are indicators of the origin of the same. Honey is packed freshly harvested which is when more liquid; the entire process of elaboration of the honey is made without any type of heating and keeping the honey at temperature lower than 40° C, since causing a rise in temperature than honey lose their healthy, nutritional and healing properties.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

It´s natural olive juice extracted by mechanical or physical processes. It is the only vegetable oil in the world which maintains intact all its organoleptic qualities (smell and taste), chemical and nutritional

The most important olives variety in surface and production in Casinos Cooperative is the Manzanilla of Levante “Villalonga”, which gives the Extra Virgin Oil of Casinos its own characteristics in terms of taste and attributes, that entirely retain all the original qualities of the fresh fruit of the olive tree.

Given the demand from our customers for a softer crude oil consumption, we have introduced this campaign 2015/2016 the “Olive Oil Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cooperative of Alto Palancia”.

It consists of 14 member cooperatives of Castellón region of Alto Palancia and located in the town of Altura, this Grade 2 Cooperative, is dedicated exclusively to the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in modern facilities.


Between the Saws Calderona and Espadán, (valley of the river Palancia) in a few lucky lands and with a suitable and net Mediterranean climate, a few centenary olive trees are cultivated and pampered, of ESPADAN’s SERRANA variety. Of them we obtain this Virgin Olive oil Extra of absolutely irreproachable taste and with acidity not superior to 1 degree, that has received the International Prize Grand Prestige Gold in the International Contest of Olive oil in the Mediterranean TIERRA OLIVO, celebrated in 2013.